Carl and Ben begin their adventure outside Washington Dulles airport

Carl contemplates the Washington Metro system
Behold Chappel hill!

Ha ha ha!! look at the name of the station on the bottom left!

Carl looking decidedly different here
The boys looking cool

How big does a uni stadium need to be!?!!?
Rubbing shoulders with the university mascot
Rubbing the nose of the university mascot (for good luck apparently)

Ben had easily devoured the huge burritos, whilst Carl struggled on

The Washington monument is smaller than the americans would have you believe 
Leaning on wash'

The White House, recently reconstructed after Independance Day
Ben's ears are a'steamin!!

Hangin with the cops

Can you spot Ben and Carl in this picture???

Kites, kites, so many kites!

Its Dan!!! and Capital Hill

Can you believe they have outside escalators here?!?!

oooh, blurry!

Getting into a game of beer pong.

All americans have tattoos