Arrived at Washington Dulles, where we spent an hour queing to get into the country and devised a genius game timing the length of queues. Met up with Dan's friends Kevin & Shana, with whom we spent the evening watching a beautiful mind and drinking beer.

Got up and went for a walk around Maryland University campus and then went for some burritos, which alledgedly Ben was the first person to finish. Went into DC in the afternoon and had a look at the Washingotn monument and the White House. The evening was spent at a house party where we learnt to play beer pong and met some drunken americans.

We lounged around at Dan's place for the day, planning the New York/Boston trip.

Got up early and caught the 8:35 train to New York City, where the first thing done was for Carl to buy a towel at Macy's (as he'd forgotten one). Checked in at our hostel at 103rd and 7th Avenue where we had an 8 person dorm to ourselves. Walked into Central Park, when we got to one end figured come this far, might as well keep on going. On our 'initially' small walking trip we saw the Guggenheim museum (gift shop), Metropolitan museum (the outside), The Plaza Hotel, Tiffanys, Disney Store, Hot Dog Vendor, Rockafeller Centre, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Times Square and the Hershey's chocolate store. At about 5pm we went up the Empire State Building to watch the sun set over Manhattan. Then we went for pizza before returning to our empty dorm room via the New York subway.

We got an early start to take in Ellis island and the statue of liberty. From Battery park we walked to ground zero where Carl got his picture and then got the Subway to Grand Central Station. We then left US soil into the UN building and took a tour of the facility. We spent the evening in Grenwich Village, where we had dinner at Tiffany's and then watched some local Jazz at small club called smalls. We decided not to stay until the 8am closing and instead got a Yellow cab back to our hostel at around 2am.

After a later start we took in the Guggenheim museum this time going inside and looking at what was one of the strangest exhibitions we had ever seen!!! We then walked to the bottom of Central Park and each had a sumptuous deli Sandwich. Afterwards we walked through the umimpressive Strawberry Fields and then gate crashed the Metropolitan Museum. Later that evening we retired to our hostel where we played some games suggested by the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island guide book. One thing we dicovered was that Dan would rather eat a Hamburger than a live worm!!!!

Got up before 7 to catch our train to Boston. Four hours of fun later we arrived. ( I thought that all of these cities were meant to be next to each other). After we checked in at our hostel we caught an underground go-cart that the people of Boston call the Subway system into the centre of the city and got food from QUINCY market. We then followed the freedom trail looking at the sights that Boston had to offer. In the evening we went to a (supposedly rock) club called the Middle East and saw a country band called the Family Affair-there were 10 of them, all related.

Woke up when our Korean room mate got up at 6 which was nice of him!!! We climbed the second highest building in Boston for the view and then got the tube again to Harvard where we walked around for a bit. At three we got on the train and then we got off the train at 11!!!!!

We spent the day relaxing after our hectic week up the eastern seaboard before hitting the trendy Dupont Circle area of DC to go to the movies to see adaptation (vert cool film btw).