here are some of my favorite haunts on the net

Calvin and Hobbes
A brilliant comic strip and a big obsession of mine, this official website puts up a 'new' strip every day, and there is a backlog of many years work to keep you busy.

Belle and Sebastian
My favorite band have a really good website, with great magnetic poetry and other unusual entertainments

Spaced Penguin!
A very addictive little shockwave game that is a lot more complicated than it looks, the aim is to fire a small penguin around the gravity of various planets to get him back to his spaceship!

Visable Human
Alarmingly this site allows you to virtually disect a real human being in any direction. Yikes! But strangely fascenating.

The Internet Movie Database
An extrodinary wealth of information about seemingly every major film ever released, all cross indexed. Ever wanted to know who played whatsit in that film about the aircraft carrier and what he was in before? It's all here!

A fascenating on-line informal encylopedia based on the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Internet.

Short movies by little people, and movie trailers by big people, a great film resourse.

LOTS of short films, music and music videos, and a really random selection but all really good stuff! Good fun to browse.

A browser for looking at the internet, but a very good one. Open source and free, it is available for all kinds of computers and operating systems, and is probably the most compatable browser around at the moment - everything looks pretty! It is also very stable - it has not crashed ONCE on me yet!!!

A free open-souce operating sytem that will one day RULE THE WORLD!! MWAH HA HAAAAAA big rival to Windows these days, is totally brilliant, if a little scary at first. Get it. Now.

Vesana The lovely people who host my website do so co-operatively and cheaply, they are friendly and fast. It took me a long time to find really good web hosting, but this is it. $3 a month is all you need, and although free hosting might seem like a good idea, in my experience it never works out.

Ah ha! An excellent (if a little daunting at first) FREE open source office suite, a good rival to Micro$oft Office, is fully compatible and for pennyless students like me offers wordprocessing, spreadsheet, presentation and drawing software for no money. I don't use anything else.

Sheffield Film Making Society
Da Biz. This is where all the cool people are, and the creative hub of Sheffield. Check out what they are up to in their buzy message board! Then join them (if you go to Sheffield anyway)!

Crafty Boxes
My cousin's little business sells really cool craft boxes to send to your friends and family, have a goosey!

Creative Commons
All my films are distributed by the Creative Commons licence code which is a tight legal way to allow people to view and distribute your files, without commerical entities being able to use them for profit. I think copyright should belong to individuals, not business - this is how to do it.

The $2 a day challenge
A campaign I started in 2003 to challenge people to live on only $2 a day to raise awareness of global poverty as 2.8 billion people live on less than $2 a day.