Here is a collection of some of the essays I have written, mostly for Uni, in the hope that some of the information and sources might be helpful or interesting. I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information in them, they have been marked, but not independently edited.

Mobility and AIDS:
moving towards infection
 (pdf  215 kb)

A paper that suggests that through increased sexual networking, countries that have high levels of wealth and education might correspondingly have higher levels of HIV/AIDS within Sub-Saharan Africa. (2003)
Kenya: profile of a nation
(pdf  224 kb)

A profile of Kenya and its place in 21st century East Africa, looking at physical, human, political and historical issues. (2003)
The role of methane and methane clathrates as a cause of global warming
(pdf  96 kb)

A short study into the role that methane and tundra and oceanic souces of methane clathrates could play in causing a positive feedback loop in the presence of global increase in temperature. (2002)
Questioning Development,
101 key terms

(pdf  76 kb)

A basic guide to familiar terms found in development literature, designed as a simple study aid (2004)
A doc file for editing is here and a blank version for you to fill in and revise as you do is here.
Feminising the Economic and Economising the Feminine,
(pdf  172 kb)

A brief review of some of the issues in feminist economic geography, based around a critical assessment of key undergraduate textbooks. (2004)
The economic and demographic impact of migrant labour from latin america to the USA
(pdf  226 kb)

Looking at Mexican migration to the USA, recent issues, impact and social effects. Inlcudes comparisions of migrant and local US demographic structures, and compares the per capita numbers of migrants to UK immigration policy. (2004)
Are World Bank policies of development at odds with the successful practices used by the 'tiger' Asian economies?
(pdf  214 kb)

A review of World Bank policies for African development in the context of structural adjustment and the experience of the Asian 'Tiger' economies. Shows considerable disalusionment with official World Bank policy from internal researchers, and policies that are only promoting primary goods for export. (2004)
Spatial variations

(pdf  161 kb)

Including a specific study of Kenya. This was my dissertation, and this is the unmarked draft version. Showing evidence of a Kuznets curve for HIV, and demonstrating that mobility through increased levels of wealth and education is a positive indicator of HIV. The appendices are here. (247kb)
Feminist Geography Study Guide
(doc  20 kb)

A list of some brief summaries of articles by Feminist Geographers. A study and revision aid to cut out and keep. Please contribute more! (2004)

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